Prepare Home For Sale

#Decluttering is so 2008.    As I advise new clients listing their homes on the market to sell this spring, I am surprised to see how their jaws drop when I start the pre-sale preparations not with tidying up, curb appeal or repairs, but with fighting the battle online.

Moms Dads of Homebuyers

Dear Moms and Dads of Homebuyers. this is an open letter to the parents of the world who have grown children looking to buy a home.

Times Square Real Estate

Times Square Real Estate Market Development By Julie Satow
March 2013 - Some two decades ago, New York City began a huge cleanup of its downtrodden theater district, vastly improving the fortunes of the pedestrian-clogged Times Square neighborhood. In recent months, that progress has gone into high gear, with rents reaching new highs and several redevelopment projects proceeding.