Small Business Marketing

When it comes to "marketing a small business", the options can be overwhelming and costly. But with a solid plan, it's possible to get results on a budget. New businesses need to assess the market they plan to serve and identify an appropriate channel. Established businesses need to build on what is already working and experiment with new methods.

Where To Spend

Where To Spend Question: How should owners determine where to spend their budget?

ANSWER: It depends on your environment more than typical industry best practices. There are four channels: television, radio, print and Internet.

Hire Marketing Firm

Hire Marketing Firm Question: When should a business owner consider hiring a marketing firm?

ANSWER: Look at how much money you're spending. If you're going to spend a few hundred dollars, it's going to be very hard to hire a consultant.

Essential Marketing

Essential Marketing Question: Are there essential marketing steps that all businesses should take?

ANSWER: What I am seeing, especially for small businesses, is that if you are not doing Internet marketing, you're leaving a lot of cash on the table .