Prepare Family Reunion

5 Steps to Planning a Family Reunion - This summer is the perfect time to start planning a family reunion for next year – especially if you have a large family scattered all over the country. A date will need to be determined, research will need to be done, and reservations will need to be made. It will take months, says party planner Deanna Singer, to distribute information, secure confirmations and prepare for the big event.

Party Etiquette

Party Etiquette Is Always In Style - Some people think party etiquette is a forgotten art, but everyone appreciates good manners. It is the little niceties that make parties successful and leave guests feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Party etiquette is never out of vogue, and polite people are always in style.

Special Event No-No's

Five Special Event No-No's - All special events take forethought and preparation. Lack of planning can easily turn a happy occasion into a lackluster, boring or even dangerous time. Here are five special event no-no's for party planners to think about: