Green Fundraisers

Raising Funds For a Sustainable World - Putting a "green" spin on your fundraising campaign is a great way to raise some "green" for charity. Sustainability usually means ongoing support systems, but sustainability can also mean to promote global health. When a non-profit takes an eco-friendly position in fundraising, environmentally-conscious donors will eagerly respond.

Political Fundraisers

Planning Political Fundraisers With Kick - As election season approaches, politics start to heat up and so do the fundraising campaigns. Most political candidates need repeated infusions of cash and willing volunteers to make it to the finish line ahead of the pack. Rather than a tired balloon rally or a dreary pancake breakfast, here are some tips for planning political fundraisers with kick.

Office Fundraising

Tips For Fundraising Around the Office

Fundraising for charity has a few rules to follow, and asking for donations at work adds another layer of protocols. People who work together can form lasting bonds of friendship while giving to the greater good; but co-workers who are asked too many times, or for the wrong reasons, can just as easily form deep resentments.