Newspaper Analytics

About Newspaper Analytics Reports - A 2011 journalist engagement survey conducted by the Donald Reynolds Journalism Institute showed that 90 percent daily community newspapers receive Web analytics reports on Internet data such as page views, length of visits, and traffic to their websites. 41 percent of the 529 daily community newspapers editors interviewed said they receive Web analytics reports every day.

Web Analytics Tools

JumpTime is a digital optimization firm that was created to help publishers find a solution to monetize high-quality content online. One of its most successful proprietary methods is FloPower, a content programming algorithm that helps maximize engagement and monetization on any level of traffic. FloPower calculates the actual value that will be derived from every 1,000 visits to a specific piece of content and the total value of the page, including how successful the site is at keeping visitors engaged and sending them to the next piece of content.

Reader Stickiness

Audience and Behavior - If you want loyal readers, you have to turn them into “sticky” readers. It’s not just about page views. It’s where people are looking and how many people are looking.  “stickiness” “Can you hold that person’s interest and entice them to read more?”

What is the Future for Local Newspapers?

What is the future for newspapers? - By: Darrell Berkheimer

Nov 2012 - Will they continue to shrink in significance as the growth of Internet reading continues? Can newspapers garner enough revenue from Internet readers to remain viable?