Facebook Likes

How to Grow Your Facebook Likes - A restaurant’s main goal is obviously profit, so why should he or she care about increasing Facebook likes or growing their Twitter followers? Is growing fans by social media going to help get more covers?

Facebook Customers

How To Manage Your Facebook Customers - Customer service is critical for the hospitality industry, as the main product sold is service. Thus management of customer responses needs to be consistent and valued greatly.

Facebook Restaurants

Restaurants without a Facebook Page are at a disadvantage as an estimated 1 Billion plus will soon by on Facebook, it surely is a loss opportunity to communicate and engage with fans.

How-To Social Media

The Social Media How-To?- Before you know it, it will be 2015.
Most small business owners ask about the "How-To in Social Media" initially due to its perceived low cost to entry.  It's true, or is it really true?  Perhaps the words I use best are "Sweat Equity".  As a small business owner... you either invest your time or you invest with your money.  At first, most dive in and open up inconsistent social media presence.  In social media land...  the means  "Handles" and I don't mean "Love Handles"