Chris Guillebeau $100 Startup

The $100 Startup Book by Chris GuillebeauIn The $100 Startup (published in 2012), Chris Guillebeau discusses the challenges of starting and growing a small business, and offers a guide to help overcome these challenges.

The book aims to aid would-be entrepreneurs succeed and escape the rat race so they can live life on their own terms.

The $100 Startup is the result of hundreds of interviews with and surveys from real life small business startups. As such, the majority of the book’s points are illustrated through examples.

About the Book - Chris has traveled to almost every country in the world and says he’s met two kinds of people, those like himself who have the time and income to live the lifestyle they want, and those who feel trapped. So he set out to extract knowledge from the first group and boil it down into specific tactics and examples.

To say he did some serious research is an understatement. More than 1,500 entrepreneurs were considered for inclusion in the book. They had to meet the following qualifications:

  •     Make at least $50,000 per year from their business.
  •     Started the business on a very low budget. (The average cost of initial investment for entrepreneurs included in the book is $610, with a median cost of $125.)
  •     Willing to cough up financial data and demographics.

Chris interviewed more than a hundred people, pored over more than 4,000 pages of surveys, and made hundreds of phone calls to compile the most critical lessons into a blueprint. In other words, this is not The Secret. This is an actionable guide that you can customize.

By Geoffrey Gonzalez  Youtube video about Chris Guillebeau's $100 Startup book