Credit Card Hidden Fees

Being Charged Hidden Fees with Credit Cards

When you have a credit card, it is important to pay attention to any hidden fees that may accrue on your monthly statements. A wise way to manage your finances is to review the statements that you receive from credit card companies every month. In recent years, credit card companies have enlisted individuals in "payment protection" plans that they never chose. If you review a statement from a credit card company and find that you are being charged fees within one of these programs, then you have a legal right to demand reimbursements for these fees.

Credit card companies may have a legal obligation to make you aware of any hidden fees that they charge on your account. Under the Truth in Lending Act, credit card companies are supposed to provide you with notice of all of the fees that you are charged. Lenders are supposed to provide "meaningful disclosures" to consumers about the fees that are charged. If you have never received a disclosure and are having trouble in obtaining reimbursements for fees, then you may wish to get in touch with a lawyer who can help you. A lawyer may be able to bring certain due process challenges in your case that enable you to receive the funds that you deserve.

You can reduce the risk of being charged with hidden fees by asking questions of a credit card company prior to signing up for credit cards. You may wish to clearly ask about any fees that are associated with a particular credit card. Asking about annual fees will help reduce the risk that you have to pay hidden fees on a card. You may even wish to ask whether a credit card company has had any issues with Truth in Lending Act disclosures in the past so that you can avoid being charged with hidden fees.