Can-O-Worms Bin

The Can-O-Worms is a commercial worm composting bin that can be used outside, or in a garage or shed. The key is to start slowly, adding small quantities of scraps until the worm bin gets cranking. If you notice bad smells, cut back on the food scraps. Unless you have a large bin, or several bins, don't expect your worms to eat every scrap in the house.

The Harvest - After 3 to 4 months your worms should have eaten all the bedding material and the food scraps you've been feeding them. The top layer of the matter should turn dark brown and will have the consistency of chunky sand. It's now time to harvest the castings. The simplest method is to push the castings to one side of the bin, and add more bedding and food scraps to the other side. After a few days, the worms will migrate to the new bedding and food scraps. You can dig out the castings and add more bedding and food. As you harvest the castings, make sure you pick out any stray wigglers and return them to the bin.

The Food - Feed your worms vegetable scraps, fruit peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, crushed egg shells, and even leftover pasta. Worms don't like garlic, onion, and spicy foods. Also, avoid adding meats, fish, fatty and oily foods, and bones. Chop up the scraps into small pieces and lay a thin layer on the top of the bedding. The worms will come up to feed in the dark. Add a small amount of gritty material such as potting soil or cornmeal to help your worms digest their meal.