Dating Etiquette

Unfortunately, if you don’t practice basic Dating Etiquette, you may remain single a lot longer. Always remember, you are 'numero uno' and a great person worthy of a loving relationship. The reality is that your self esteem and body language must show in order for you to meet someone similar to you. There is someone for everyone and each person is beautiful in their own way.

What are the first things to keep in mind on a date?

• Have a small “silent” checklist prioritized as a guideline, but keep your thoughts to yourself. Do not go on a date with your clipboard questionnaire.
• Be Polite - First Impressions are a ‘make or break future date.’
• Make an effort with your appearance.
• Both sexes should dress respectfully and age appropriately.
• If you want to be respected and taken seriously, be respectful to them.
• Stay off your phone unless you have told them you’re expecting an important call.
• Give them your full attention (no mirrors to check out others)
• Do not discuss past relationships.
• Try not to discuss sex too early unless that is all you are looking for.
• Ensure you are comfortable with where you are going on your date.

"TMI" Too Much Information - Be careful how much information you give out too early; your date does not need to know everything about operations, body tucks or enhancements. Be yourself but hold back on these private details until you have something established with them. Why sabotage any chance of seeing them again by telling them all these scary reasons not to be interested in you?

If you ask someone out for dinner, be prepared to pay regardless of what gender you are. In 2011, it is acceptable for a woman to ask a man out. If you are invited to someone’s home for a meal, never go empty handed; a bottle of wine or a dessert is always appreciated. Always be on time but if you have to be late, call in plenty of time beforehand so they are not sitting on the couch dressed and ready to go. Calling them when you are already supposed to have been at the front door is not proper etiquette. They could have done something else for an hour.

Respect their time as it is just as valuable as your time.