Food Gardening

About Food Gardening - Current concerns about food safety, global warming, carbon footprints, and pollution, along with a desire to build a link to the Earth and our own neighborhoods, food gardening has become a simple and tasty solution.

Food gardens aren’t just in backyards anymore. People grow food in containers on decks and patios, in community gardens, at schools, at senior centers, and even in front yards for everyone to see. Food gardens are beautiful and productive, so why not let everyone enjoy the benefits? Let’s look at the health benefits of growing some of your own food.

Save some Cash

"Save some Cash" - You can save big money by growing your own vegetables and fruits. In fact, depending on the type and amount you grow, you can save a significant amount of money. By spending a few dollars on seeds, plants and supplies in spring, you’ll produce vegetables that will yields pounds of produce in summer.

Instead of having to go to the grocery store to buy all that produce, you’ve got it ready for the picking for free in your yard. It’s your personal produce department! You’ll save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill each year by growing a garden.