Simple Room Makeover

10-Minute Tricks to Refresh Every Room in the House -  It doesn’t take a remodel or even a total decorating makeover to make your home appear refreshed and inviting. From the design consultants at Home and Garden TV, here are five ten-minute tricks you can mix and match to add new interest to your home:

Design Family Room

Tips for Designing a Great Family Room - After the kitchen, the most popular room in most homes is the family room. It can function as a media room, a game room, a music room, a reading room—and often a homework area too. Because this room is so lived in, there are lots of family rooms that could use a serious makeover. But where do you start?

Vintage Look Homes

How to Update Your Home with a Vintage Look -   Nothing amps up the style in a home quite like a vintage or antique look. Still, many people shy away from antique décor, associating it with hunting through flea markets and excessive spending on one-of-a-kind items.