Simple Room Makeover

10-Minute Tricks to Refresh Every Room in the House -  It doesn’t take a remodel or even a total decorating makeover to make your home appear refreshed and inviting. From the design consultants at Home and Garden TV, here are five ten-minute tricks you can mix and match to add new interest to your home:

Mix up the artwork – The same prints and posters on the same walls for years become boring and totally ignorable. Two or three times a year, take a few minutes to ‘circulate’ your artwork, moving a few pieces to other wall spaces, retiring a few for a season or two, and adding a few pieces that are new to you or have been retired for a while. Even changing the frames around your favorite family photos can make a noticeable difference in the room.

Soothe the senses – Scents have a profound effect on mood. Spring and fall are great times to infuse a little scent into your decor and inspire a feeling of freshness and seasonality with aromatic candles, infusers, fresh cut flowers, or plants.

Beautify the boudoir – Fresh, new bedding can do wonders to change the look and feel of any bedroom. Simply changing the spread or adding colorful pillows can make a noteworthy difference to the look and feel of your personal space.

Update accessories – Change or add a few small accessories to change the look of your kitchen, bath or living room in the same way you might use scarves or jewelry to change the look of your clothes. New canisters, a vase of fresh or dried flowers, new towels, a colorful throw or some accent pillows can do wonders to add new interest.

Start a collection – Do you love elephants? Penguins? Salt shakers? Teapots? Teddy bears? Centralize your collection in one spot to create a visual focal point, or use the pieces you love to create a theme throughout the public areas of your home.

By Barbara Pronin, RISMedia