Vintage Look Homes

How to Update Your Home with a Vintage Look -   Nothing amps up the style in a home quite like a vintage or antique look. Still, many people shy away from antique décor, associating it with hunting through flea markets and excessive spending on one-of-a-kind items.

Design duo Robert and Cortney Novogratz are the stars of HGTV's Home by Novogratz and parents to seven children. Known for using vintage and eclectic items to create fun and stylish interiors that are also family-friendly, they point out that with all of the resources available on the Internet, you do not need to be an avid "antiquer" to create an eclectic look and feel in your home.

The Novogratzs offer the following suggestions for creating unique and family-friendly spaces that fuse style with purpose:

* When shopping for vintage pieces, consider how they can be repurposed. You can use an antique chest as a coffee table that doubles as stylish storage for blankets and toys. You'll find new ways to incorporate pieces you're drawn to by keeping an open mind.

* Vintage items, from coffee table books to maps and globes, can be incorporated into lively gathering spaces - or even your kids' bedrooms. Parents with an eye for style shouldn't be concerned about adding unique items to their home. While you do not want to not put the most expensive pieces in your kids' bedrooms, collectables like classic books and vintage maps make perfect decorative learning tools.

* A mix-and-match approach can give a home an eclectic yet comfortable style, adding a touch of livability to ultramodern spaces and personality to more traditional decor. This works well for a dining room table. You can have mid-century candelabra as a centerpiece with bright-colored modern candles to balance the look. Also try using mismatched vintage plates when entertaining guests for dinner.