Home Staging Tips

With so many homes on the market from which a buyer can select from, it's imperative to give buyers multiple reasons to buy and not a single reason not to. And yes, as a home seller, there are things you can do to ensure "what they remember" are all the positive things your home as to offer.

Seller Tips: If you have repairs - fix them. ie: no leaning railings, BIG turn-off to all buyers.

Clutter-free Home - Homes filled to the rim with furniture and mucho nick-knacks consume visual real estate.

Dated fixtures date your home - One of the most common mistakes a home seller will make is not addressing the minor updates that could end up making a world of difference. For example, light fixtures and faucets. The expense is minimal in comparison to the impact these improvements can have.

Small Room or Small Spaces - Whether selling your home or not, small spaces can pose some challenges for the owner.

  • Less is More - Don't bombard the space with furniture.
  • Make it Clutter-Free - Eyes need to rest. Having a clutter-free room will allow the buyer to SEE the room and NOT the stuff in the room.
  • Use Clean Lines - You'll be amazed at just how big a difference it will make.