Sell Broad Appeal

How home sellers design homes for sale with broad appeal. Always prepare your home with an open mind. Have you toured a model home? If you have, most likely you noticed that the second and third bedrooms are typically staged as a boys' room and the other as a girls' room. Sometimes the third bedroom, is typically done as an office. There's a reason for that. By design the home developer is positioning the home to appeal to all types of buyers.

As a home seller, you must also present your property with a broad appeal.

Avoid "labeling" the bedrooms - For example "Brad's Bedroom." When buyers enter "Johnny's Bedroom" the subliminal message being conveyed is that it's Brad's, not theirs. You want buyers to envision it being their home. Another example, remove your diplomas from the walls - allow the prospective home buyers to envision that wall as "their wall."

Don't make assumptions - Just because you may be using one of the secondary bedrooms as a storage room, don't assume that the buyer will want to do the same. In addition, it screams that your home lacks storage. Your best bet is to set the room up as a bedroom.

Use props - Buyers are motivated by their emotions. "Nice things" evoke "nice emotions."  Props can range from white fluffy towels to new bedding and no, they don't have to be expensive.

Remember, you'll never who the buyer will be, ensuring your home appeals to a broad base of prospective buyers is a step closer to selling it quicker.