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The 10 'Never-Break' Rules of Good Credit
Some rules are meant to be broken - like the one about not wearing white after Labor Day. Others should remain sacrosanct, such as the rules of good credit. Those are the kind of rules that can make life easier and happier when you follow them - and help ensure your finances stay in good order, too.

About Paying Off Credit Cards with Debt Consolidation Loans

About Pay off Credit Cards - Obtaining a debt consolidation loan can make paying off credit cards much easier. A debt consolidation loan helps a person take control of credit card debt.

Unfortunately, if you don’t practice basic Dating Etiquette, you may remain single a lot longer. Always remember, you are 'numero uno' and a great person worthy of a loving relationship. The reality is that your self esteem and body language must show in order for you to meet someone similar to you. There is someone for everyone and each person is beautiful in their own way.

Smartphones Gifts - We've compiled five of the best phones you can buy right now. It's impossible to say these are the best phones in the world. People are passionate about their phones and will argue the smallest detail to prove their choice is the best. These are five of the most "amazing" phones you can buy right now.

"Restaurants in Mt. Kisco" - By Caroline Curvan - For a relatively small town, Mt. Kisco is home to a remarkable array of restaurants from all continents and all price points. Here are just a few:

Improve the Life of Your Pet - Pets bring companionship, affection and fun to the families who love them, which is why many pet owners strive to give their four-legged friends the best lives possible to help ensure they are happy and healthy. There are many ways to create a better way for your pet, including supporting local programs that enhance the lives of pets, ensuring you're feeding your cat or dog the proper nutrition, and having fun together.

Shop Local in Mount Kisco Westchester, New York

By Caroline Curvan - Mt. Kisco is unique in that it has large, chain businesses peacefully co-existing with small mom and pop stores. For shoppers this is truly the best of both worlds.

The Social Media How-To?- Before you know it, it will be 2015.
Most small business owners ask about the "How-To in Social Media" initially due to its perceived low cost to entry.  It's true, or is it really true?  Perhaps the words I use best are "Sweat Equity".  As a small business owner... you either invest your time or you invest with your money.  At first, most dive in and open up inconsistent social media presence.  In social media land...  the means  "Handles" and I don't mean "Love Handles"

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer - Approximately 60 percent of Americans enlist the help of a paid tax professional to file their income tax returns, as stated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Westchester County is the heart of New York, with a variety of amazing destinations that includes grand Rockefeller properties, well-preserved 18th-century homesteads and picturesque farming villages that dot the countryside. Plus, our shows, fairs and festivals are second to none – from the annual Riverfest summertime celebration showcasing Yonkers' redone waterfront to top productions staged throughout the year at a variety of performing arts centers.

Tablet Gifts - The tablet computer is without a doubt the gift of the season — just like it was last year. But if you resisted the urge in 2011, now is the time to give in. This season's tablets are better all around. Intense competition has kept prices very low, making tablets incredible values compared to smartphones and PCs.

The benefits of shopping via digital channels convenience, low prices and the ability to browse vast inventories has brought a fast growing number of people into the ecommerce marketplace. And women, often the chief shoppers of the household, are at the forefront of this transition.

Nail Salon

Fashion Trends: Nail art is still going strong this season and now easier than ever for DIY’ers!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Nail Polish Strips in fun, cool designs or solid colors that truly last. Tracylee, celebrity nail stylist, artist and industry expert, represented by Tim Howard Management   www.LuxebyTracylee.com