How to Organize Garage

Three Ways to Maximize Garage Space - Every family needs storage space, but if finding something in your garage is like making your way through an obstacle course, it’s time to make better use of space.

“There are many easy and inexpensive storage aids available out there that can make the most of garage space,” says big-box store lumber manager Randy Haig. “With a weekend and less than $100, you may be able to take garage space to the max.”

Haig offers ideas for three simple fixes:

• Look overhead – If there are exposed rafters, laying some planks across them will give you additional space for seldom-used items such as holiday décor, seasonal sports gear or extra luggage. You can also build hanging storage bins to hang from the ceiling joists if there is space beyond the garage door tracks.

• Deck the walls – They are prime real estate for shelving, hooks and hanging space. Simple brackets and sturdy shelves can do wonders for getting paint, garden tools, cleaning equipment and other things off the floor. Buy heavy duty brackets and shelves that can withstand some weight. Pegboard is versatile for hanging small tools and yard gear, like shovels, rakes, and drills, from sturdy hooks. A step up from pegboard is slat walls, like the ones used in many hardware stores. Cabinets, bins and shelving just pop right in and can be re-arranged as necessary.

• Clear the floors – Building or buying shelving units that hug the wall is one way to save space. Upright bins and storage tubes can holds yard equipment, sports gear and gift wrap supplies. Clear, stackable storage bins, clearly marked, provide see-through access to gloves, tapes, and other gadgets – and a rolling storage cart you build or buy can be stashed next to built-in or added shelving and moved around for convenience.

By Barbara Pronin, RISMedia Columnist