Wall Mounted Home Heating

Wall-Mounted Home Heating Trends - As cold creeps in across the nation, everyone is looking for the most efficient and effective way to keep warm. With that in mind, I went looking to see what the latest trends are firing up the home heating marketplace.

Enter Mark J McCourt, founder and president of eheat, Inc. (eheat.us) of Houston, Texas, an online distributor of wall-mounted electric panel heaters and associated accessories. One of the company's latest developments is the "envi"— an electric, wall-mounted, fanless, 100 percent pure convection panel space heater that McCourt says is more efficient, from a convection basis, than many of his competitors.

McCourt says unlike a central heating system and portable fan heaters using forced convection heat, envi wall-mounted heaters create a natural circulation of warm air within a room. And they are mounted flush to the wall with an air gap built into the heater.

Cold air is then drawn (inducted) into the air gap inside the heater where it flows through dual heating stacks, causing rapid heating of air as it rises out. It is this unique "stack convection" technology that allows the envi to be more efficient, effective and safer than radiator, fan, ceramic, gas, oil filled, baseboard and other types of heaters.

The newest line of envis are 100 percent pure convection heaters with 50 Watts more power than older models, enabling it to heat a larger area more quickly. And the envi features a built in temperature sensing thermostat and a sleep-friendly auto-dimmer function for the on/off power light.

The envi heater has no exposed elements and operates at a safe surface temperature of approximately 90°F. Plus, envi wall-mounted heaters eliminate the usual problems connected with allergy sufferers and dust disturbances because they do not use a fan.

Additionally, the low wattage of the heater, and its low-temperature heating core, won’t allow the air to dry out. Even sufferers of Dry-Eye-Pain syndrome can experience relief during the heating season by the reduction of dried out air, and airborne particles normally blown about by other heating systems.

eHeat's 475 watt envi heater has been specifically designed to heat an average room measuring 130 - 150 square feet in floor area, to between 68 and 72 degrees, even in the coldest parts of the country. If you thought your home was warm and welcoming now, with the addition of eHeat teachnology, you could be the "envi" of your neighborhood.

By John Voket